Daily Team Meeting



Monday's "NATIONAL CALL" @ 8AM CST (Listen in and take notes) 

Dial: 712-770-4160   Code: 484311#

Tues-Thurs "$100K CALL" @ 8AM CST  (Report previous days activity numbers, AP, Apps, Presentations, # of Door Knocks)

Dial: 712-770-4160   Code: 809835#

*Please set a reoccurring reminder on your cell phone's calendar.

*As a courtesy to others, we ask that you please press the MUTE button on your cell phone.

Friday's "TGIF CALL"@ 8AM CST (Report weeks totals, AP, Apps, Presentations, # of Door Knocks)

Dial: 515-603-3186   Code: 305484#


What activity we report? 

1. AP- This is the total annual premium from previous day.

2. Applications- Total number of fully completed applications.

3. Presentations- Total number of presentation given the previous day.

4. Knocks- Total number of leads doors you knocked on.


Good Example: "$1290 AP, 3 Apps, 3 Presentations and 16 door knocks."