Get In and Call Up

Once you GET IN the houe DON'T leave until you CALL UP to manager/productspecialist/Regional VP


Mindset Matters: Calling a manager/product specialist is a sales strategy that has been used for decades in many sales environments.


WHY we call:

#1. Builds Credibility in what you are saying and what you are selling

#2. Builds Confidence in the customer

#3. It gives you an opportunity to learn from your manager by listening to HOW your manager is speaking to the customer and WHAT they are saying, so you can apply the next time you are faced with a similar objection.


HOW to call manager:

Step #1: Build up the National Product Specialist- You want to make the customer think you are calling the Michael Jordan of insurance. Example: “I’m confident on a solution and product for you and your family Mrs. Johnson, but I want to call our National Product Specialist to be sure we are getting you the best plan in the USA. He/She has been doing this for somewhere under 20 years and knows all the ins and outs of all the products available here in ____ County. I personally call them when I want to buy insurance for myself, LOL.”


Step #2: Build up your customer- Regardless of the customer’s financial status, attitude and/or health status, you want to make them seem like your idol. You want to talk about them like your trying to get a first date. Have fun with this! Example: (ring, ring call MGR not on speaker yet) “Hey, [name], I’m sitting down here with beautiful Ms. Johnson and she just beat me in an arm wrestling match. She says she is 68 but she doesn’t look one bit of 58. Anyhow, I am confident we can help her and I know for a fact with have the best program in the US available to her.”


Step #3: Positively explain the situation- Example: “I’m confident we have the best plan to protect her family, she had a small concern on how she could pay for the plan to protect her [beneficiary title/name]. I wanted to see how we could help her.”  Example: “I’m confident we found the best plan to protect her and her loved ones, she is actually doing very well. I did want to go over a couple medications/conditions with you. She doesn’t look it but she is currently taking meds for CHF and insulin diabetes. I wanted to just double check on what plan is best.”


Step #4:  Placing manager on speaker- The Eve’s Dropper Strategy: After you give the manager the needed info, your manager will tell you to put them on speaker. You then whisper to your customer “I’ll let you listen to what he tells me…”  Your manager goes on explaining the solution as if he is telling you only and acts like he doesn’t know that the person is listening in. And then the mgr. asks to talk to customer directly and you say, “They have been listening the entire time.” Manager re-explains direct to them and gives you both a solution and command like a “boss”.



  • Always be positive

  • Always have medications on table

  • Know the dates (birthdates, date of diagnosis etc)

  • Know the heart strings (beneficiaries name, what’s their WHY?)

  • Everything is positive in the home and no objection is a big deal