Tips from TOP Annuity Producer- "The annuity fact finder form is attached for you to print. Remember, if there is money in the house, it is up to you to find it! Several of my annuity sales came from families who didn't need life insurance because they had policies i couldn't beat. So, I kept talking...and uncovered what they did need help with...their retirement funds.Here's what I say, "Mrs. Johnson, there is something else I am able to help a lot of people with, and that is their retirement plan. As a matter of fact, last week I met with a client who had $50,000 in an IRA, but, she was worried that what happened in 2008 could happen again and that she might lose that precious investment. So, we were able to help her with our Safe Money Program. It guarantees she NEVER loses her investment, it grows without risk of losing any money, it pays out an income for life, AND when she dies the rest is left to her family TAX FREE! We were also able to give her an instant 10% bonus, so that means she started with $55,000 from day one. Now, Mrs. Johnson, what do you have in place?"We then continue to talk about it, I take out the Fact Finder and say, "What we do is show another way to protect your hard earned money. To do that I've got a couple of quick questions which will help our team of experts, they are Mark Henry and Amanda Dumas, get a clear picture of where you're at financially now and what you want to accomplish in the future with your retirement plan. They search all of our A Rated carriers to find the best plan that fits your needs. I'll come back in about a week to go over that with you."Then, start filling out the entire form. At the very end I say, "Ok, lastly, to help Mark and Amanda find the best plan for you they need to know how your current plan has been performing. Do you have a current quarterly or yearly statement from your retirement plan? I need to take a copy of it to send to them along with this fact finder. Can I see it please? Thanks."I use my iphone to take pictures of the important pages.That's it guys. I've done this 6x in the past 6 weeks and have $502,000 i'm working on now...that's over $25,000 in commissions!! You guys can do it too." -Paul G