The 4 C's of Success are the "requirments" of the NASB Sales system. Every single top income earner does the 4 C's every single month. This is our proven system. 


       #1 Consistent Lead Flow

               Consistently order 20+ leads per week, every week. This may be from Overflow or standing platinum lead order. This is on top of collecting referrals!


       #2 Consistent Schedule = Consistent Income- You have the freedom to create your own schedule, but if you dont keep your schedule you will go broke! You must have the discipline to keep your schedule. TIP: WORK WHEN YOU DONT FEEL LIKE IT! Most agents work 10am-8pm M-F and Sat 10-2.


Tips from the Top: "If you are knocking LESS than 60 doors every week, you are part time and will have part time results!" -EP


Tips from the Top: “There is NO such thing as an “ADMIN DAY” or “POLICY DELIVERY DAY”… It doesn’t take a full day of work to do Admin work, spend an hour in the early morning or late night so you can spend all your day time hours producing INCOME.”     -NG


       #3 Consistent Presentation 

                  Memorize the In-Home Presentation and become a WORLD CLASS presenter. Give your manager your in-home presentation. The more presentations you do, the better you will get


      #4  Conference Call and Communicate with Positive Mental Attitude

                   -***Call your manager while you’re in home***

                   -Participate on the Daily Team calls

                   -When faced with a problem, communicate with your manager the problem AND the solution

                   -Do not complain, always find solutions. We are professional business owners and we FIRST look for a solution when being faced with a challenge or road block.


THESE ARE THE NON-NEGOTIABLES for those having success.