#2. Feel, Felt, Found: This is a good way of overcoming objections once you have already done the Agree and Move on and they bring up the objection again and again. Customer: “I want to think about it.” Agent: “I understand how you FEEL Mrs. Johnson, I really do. I was helping someone else here in (CITY) and she FELT the same way, but what she FOUND was that after getting the application submitted and approved that she felt much better about her situation.

#3. Im not going to tell you what to do, but I'll tell you what to do if I were you. 

#4. Cart Ahead of the Horse: Customer: "Im not buying anything today!" "I need to think about it" "I need to talk to kids" or whatever made up story they are selling you... You respond with "whoa, whoa, whoa. Youre moving way to fast. You put the cart ahead of the horse here. Before we do anything, we have to see if the carriers will even take you!" 

#1. DON'T FIGHT BACK : So many sales people make the mistake of fighting back with a customer when faced with an objection. When you need to be more like Mahatma Ghandi and not fight back at all. Our job is to save families from financial hardship, to do that, you first have to save them from themselves. The best way to do that is understand a couple things. One, buyers are liars... If their mouth is moving they are likely telling you a lie. A lie that they dont realize will only hurt them. And if you believe it, youre just as guilty. Like Ronald Reagan says, "Trust but verify". No matter what made up "objection" they feed you. Acknowledge it with a simple, "Absolutely", "Oh sure", "I understand", "Im the same way", "Ok"... and then carry on with saving their family from financial hardship.  


The Agree and Move On: One of the easiest ways to overcome an objection is to not overcome the objection at all. Customer: “I don’t have time”, “I am busy”, “Now is not a good time”, “I don’t have money”.  Agent: “Oh, ABSOLUTELY,  my job is to go over this info you requested. Could you please spare 5 minutes?”  Its important that you act like its no big deal and ignore the objection and move on. DO NOT overcome an objection until after they have given you the same objection 3 times. If you try to fight off every made up "objection", these people will own you.